Myth: Linus was the only one who believed in the Great Pumpkin. Fact: Afroskull believes in the Great Pumpkin. The Great Pumpkin is a powerful bipartisan entity that will save our economy. The Great Pumpkin is an orange glowing beacon of hope. For the 42nd anniversary of the first television emergence of said rotund squash, Afroskull will converge on the Parkside Lounge to usher in the greatest musical holiday ever: Halloween. On this epic night your favorite monster-funk-rockers will not only be including a slew of never-before played covers (Led Zep with horns anyone?), but also taking it to the stage with more musicians than you can shake a razor-blade tainted apple at. Joining us will be the incomparable Dan Asher (making his funky triumphant return on the bass), the baddest three-piece horn section this side of Louisiana, plus special guests the Wild Koba on guitar and Isaac Davy Aronson on vocals!

AFROSKULL live at the Parkside Lounge
Thursday, 10/31/08, 8pm

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